Corporate and Commercial

Hammouri & Partners provides a full range of corporate legal services to businesses in Jordan and the wider MENA region, grounded on our lengthy experience and expert knowledge. Our Corporate Department team, headed by attorney Ahmed Khalifeh, and our International Department team, headed by advocate Yotta Pantoula-Bulmer routinely advise clients across different industries and sectors on corporate set-up and organization, corporate finance, corporate compliance and governance, mergers and acquisitions, breach of contract disputes and on business transactions including drafting and negotiating of a broad spectrum of commercial agreements.

Based on our in-depth understanding of specific contractual requirements and the client’s needs, we draft business contracts that comply with the applicable legal framework in Jordan and which at the same time offer pragmatic advice and protect the client’s interests. Our experienced contract lawyers draft and advise on an array of commercial contracts, including aircraft purchase transactions, sale and lease contracts, partnership contracts, business collaboration agreements, joint venture agreements, agency contracts, construction contracts, banking contracts, employment contracts and other.

Our client portfolio for Corporate and Commercial services comprises both major domestic entities as well as a good number of international corporations that have presence either in Jordan or that are based in Jordan, but carry out operations in the wider MENA region.

Our client list includes (indicative): United Cable Industries plc. co (UCIC), Jordan Petroleum Refinery (JPRC), Mawdoo3, VNG International B.V., Samgreen Power LLC/Jordan, ALK Abello A/S, Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF), Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), Electronic Health Solutions International (EHSI), The Specialty Hospital and other.