Highlights of some notable and industry influencing cases and deals that Hammouri & Partners has handled include:
Deals in the sectors of Banking & Finance, Aviation Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Litigation and Arbitration. 

Banking & Finance – A five million USD deal  

Hammouri & Partners represented a leader in the financial services sector in Jordan in conjunction with a Subscription Agreement and the client’s negotiations with a group of large financial institutions in Jordan. The successful negotiations resulted in a substantial subscription agreement of approx. USD 5,000,000 (Five million United States Dollars).


Aviation Finance – A multi-jurisdiction deal, co-led by Hammouri & Partners

Hammouri & Partners advised a leading financial institution in Jordan in relation to the extension of a loan facility and a security over an aircraft. The firm’s role in this matter involved the coordination of the mortgage facility itself, together with other securities in respect of the said aircraft, pursuant to the Cape Town Convention. In addition, Hammouri & Partners were amongst the panel of leading law firms that reviewed and coordinated the advice of the counsels for each one of the six jurisdictions involved in that complex deal.

Healthcare sector – a breakthrough deal  

Hammouri & Partners acts as the legal counsel to Electronic Health Solutions (“EHS”) in relation to a first of its kind service in Jordan: the digitization of the public health sector by connecting all public health hospitals into one smart database. The firm is the sole law firm in Jordan to be advising on this specialized area of law. The firm’s role entails the provision to client of legal advice on all legal and regulatory procedures and government approvals that are needed in relation to this ground breaking project. Further, the firm advises EHS on a series of deals and projects that are associated with the said project between the client and several public hospitals and medical institutions as well as with the service providers. The firm’s services under this instruction also include drafting and amending all proposed regulation in the context of the new computerized framework for medical records in public hospitals in Jordan.


Real estate & Infrastructure – advising a large foreign Conglomerates Group

Hammouri & Partners advised Bayan Holdings Company (“BHC”), a large Conglomerates and Construction Kuwaiti Group that controls major Jordanian companies which carry out commercial and real estate investments in Jordan.

The firm provided a full spectrum of legal services to the client and their affiliates in Jordan. The service included drafting of commercial legal agreements and provision of legal opinions on specialized areas of the Jordanian laws.

Litigation – multiple Insurance defense wins

On the litigation front, Hammouri & Partners constantly gains recognition from peers, clients and international legal directories. The firm has been particularly active throughout the years. Indicatively, during 2020 the firm attracted instructions from a significant number of Insurance companies, acting on insurance defense work. The grounds for that were laid back in 2014, when our litigation team worked on numerous litigation cases and successfully handled over a hundred (107) lawsuits. The said lawsuits were related to the Insurance sector in Jordan, however in their majority they contained complex legal issues that involved strong technical and negotiations skills covering more than one area of law. Hammouri & Partners were able to represent their clients in this high number of claims for Jordan, securing for the firm for consecutive years a large market segment in the area of Litigation.