Our Approach

Our approach is that of a client-focused firm and we continuously strive to build on our commitment. We are aware of clients’ longstanding frustration, wherein legal advice does not accommodate the commercial aspects of a mandate. We are also aware of issues with ad-hoc administrative practices and with poor sensitivity and responsiveness to clients’ legitimate need for timely reporting and practical business advice and we always strive to offer legal advice that takes into account those factors. 

Routinely, we seek to enhance successful client relations by adopting the following approach:

–    We combine a broad based corporate and commercial practice with a wide range of industry and sector expertise. We can  efficiently meet the day-to-day needs of clients along with their more complex and specialized requirements. Our dedicated teams enjoy a level of industry and practice expertise not typically available in general practice firms in Jordan.          

Furthermore, we always invest the time to understand the client’s industry and business model in order to provide relevant legal advice.

   We seek to develop and diversify the depth and range of our teams’ experiences in order to competently handle large projects and complex transactions that require multiple disciplines, backgrounds and perspectives.

   We stay abreast of market developments and seek to expand our practice in response to changing business needs.

   We proactively advise clients of available options to enable them to make informed decisions.

   We hold our attorneys to the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.

   We believe that lawyers must add value and not simply act as knowledge brokers.

   We strive to promptly and timely update clients on the status of mandates.  Further, we assign a responsible attorney to each case for ease of follow-up as well as a mandate manager for overall supervision.

   We are committed to help assess legal risks objectively without promising or guaranteeing results, while working aggressively on behalf of our clients to optimize the outcome in their favor.

   We are in it for the long haul. We take pride in the strategic partnerships we have forged with long standing clients.

   We take a hands-on approach and work with clients to manage their legal files and avert legal crises and urgencies. Should     such matters of urgency arise, we strive to respond to them promptly.

  Our professional fees reflect the expertise, experience, talents and distinguished qualifications of our team. We may not           guarantee you the lowest fee rate for any service, but we assure you of value returns.